Second Grade

Second Grade is a year of important growth and development socially, emotionally, and academically. We believe that it is essential to teach to the individual needs and interests of children in order to foster growth. We instill a strong sense of responsibility in the students and we emphasize the importance of setting and achieving goals. We empower students to become accountable for their education. We hold high expectations for all of our Second Graders.

There are many interesting units of study in our Second Grade curriculum. Our favorite Science/Social Studies themes are: Animals, Adaptations, Habitats, and Communities. Our Math curriculum includes hands-on student exploration and real world mathematics. Students work both independently and cooperatively to develop and communicate their mathematical understanding. Our Reading and Writing programs are aimed at giving students a solid base to build on throughout their academic career. We emphasize Phonics, Fluency, and Comprehension. Formal Writing prompts are given monthly in order to track progress. In addition to our core curriculum, Second Graders are expected to be active participants in our Accelerated Reader program.

We enjoy accentuating our learning through the use of field trips and special in-school activities. Some of our past experiences include; Orlando Science Center, Sea World, Hi-Touch- Hi-Tech, Crealde Museum of Art, and The Orlando Ballet.